At Flora-Pack our design team is on top of what’s trending and trend forecasts helping you stay ahead of the curve and in the latest floral fashion.

Solid colors

Color is an instant mood enhancer, and as everyone could use a little pick me up as of late, there is a very notable trend in place that is likely here to stay for a while.  Demonstrated perfectly by the 2021 Pantone colors of the year, tried and true neutrals are set off with a pop of color creating a vibrant, energizing vibe.

Solid Color trend.jpg
Tonal Gradient.jpg


Gorgeous gradients have been a trend for quite a while now and as the trend maintains its popularity with designers it’s here for the long haul. Extremely versatile, gradients can be bold or subtle.  They can be the focal point of design or background element.  Waves, patterns, and hues of color create texture and movement while colors chosen can convey emotion and a visual association to product connecting customers in an instant.


Vintage in one word – uniqueness.  Vintage styles whether for home décor, furnishings, clothing or jewelry offer you something quirky, fun and different.  Apart from standing out from the crowd, vintage items usually afford a quality and value far superior to their newer, modern counterparts.  Buying vintage resonates loudly with those consumers who want to buy ethically and environmentally friendly products.



Abstract celebrates color in design in a glorious way that few other styles possibly can.  It’s bold. It’s fun. Most importantly? It’s bursting with energy and color.  Geometric patterns and blocks of colors intertwine presenting packaging with a punch that naturally entices the eye drawing you in for a closer look.