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Flora-Pack product line


Flora-Pack is an inventive flower and plant packaging company based in Miami, Florida designing fresh, fun, and eco-friendly products for the always colorful, always inspiring, floral industry.  The biggest bloom often comes from planting the smallest seed, this is the story of Flora-Pack. 

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Meet Our Founder

Renfy Villalona

Our founder Renfy Villalona has been on the floral packaging scene in Miami since 2004.  After 10 years of both personal and professional growth (as well as a lot of encouragement, support, and a few nudges from his wife Scarlett) Renfy decided to take a leap of faith and start his own company.  He approached one of his best client partners at the time asking for their support and support him they did.  They had a proposal of their own saying “let’s make it something bigger” and in 2014 Flora-Pack, LLC was established.

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Renfy Villalona Flora Pack founder

Company Milestones

​​So, how have we grown since the seed was planted? We are proud to say with a lot of perspiration, dedication, and inspiration Team Flora-Pack has accomplished some major milestones in a very short time. 






Flora-Pack is founded by Renfy Villalona after his wife nudges him in the right direction.

Flora Pack introduces new, eco-friendly fabrics into the market making us a leader in innovation.

The Flora-Pack family grows to 30+ employees, giving us the resources to assist our client partners in all aspects including marketing and product development for any sales channel

Flora-Pack opens a production facility in Colombia for the convenience of our clients with plans for expanding our product availability to other growing regions

Flora-Pack diversifies its' product categories to include stylish lines of glassware, ceramics, and natural element containers in an array of colors

What would we want you to really know about us?  If we had to choose one thing to leave you with it would be this - we pride ourselves on providing unrivaled service because for us it starts and ends with our clients. From our team to yours, we thank you for taking the time to get to know us better.  We look forward to getting to know you and find out how we can help you GET INSPIRED.

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