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Committed to Sustainability

Now is the time for change. At Flora-Pack we recognize that we all must do our part for a better world, protecting and preserving the environment for future generations. This is the moment in the history of our planet that we must take decisive action to turn the tide. Flora-Pack is fully committed to offering  our clients sustainable packaging options as well as expanding our eco-friendly product lines as new technologies become available.

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Plant Based Plastics

Emerging technology allows us to manufacture raw materials with plant based plastics for packaging that's not only environmentally friendly, but with no compromise to quality of printing or finished goods.

Bio plastic researcher
BOPE explained

What is BOPE?

Biaxially oriented polyethylene, or (BOPE), has emerged as a major potential contender in packaging designed for recyclability. One of the main drivers for this mono-material option is sustainability and the circular economy. 

Flora-Pack has made significant investments in our factories in order to optimize our machines for BOPE processing and accelerate the production of BOPE.

With easier recyclability, BOPE can be a recyclable replacement for films currently made with BOPP or BOPET

Boasts good printability, high mechanical properties and toughness, and high seal integrity. The quality and look of printed materials is not compromised in any way.

Potentially offers to help brand owners achieve their circular-economy commitments.

Flora-Pack is among the companies leading in the development and use of BOPE within the floral & plant industries today.

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Product Highlights: Recyclable - Printability - Durable

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Eco-Friendly Fabrics

If you're looking for alternative packaging ideas look no further! Flora-Pack offers natural fiber sheets that add gorgeous texture and an immediate touch of class to every floral design. Offered in a array of colors, these wraps are perfect for any occasion and the best part? They are 100% biodegradable

     Coconut fiber material sheets

      Natural fiber material sheets

Product Highlights: Recyclable - Biodegradable

Reducing Carbon Footprint

Finding ways to reduce waste and our carbon footprint has been a top priority for Flora-Pack since beginning production in 2014.

We designed a smaller sleeve die-cut versus industry standard, same sizes available accommodate our client's needs but utilizing the cut to effectively use less plastic.

We manufacture our sleeves with a slightly thinner mil providing a sturdy sleeve with no  compromise to quality or printing capabilities.

Reduce Carbon Footprint
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